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Project Information


Take Home Exam 1
Due on Wednesday, October 18, at 5:30 PM to the D2L Dropbox folder

Module 5: Multiple Regression


  • Multiple regression: FMF, Ch. 7, pp. 261-263(top), 276-284
  • Assumptions: FMF, Ch. 7, pp. 271-273(top)


In-class Exercise: Regression
Wed Oct 18

Homework: Regression
Due on Wed Oct 25

Module 4: Bivariate Relationships


  • Correlation: FMF, Ch. 6, pp. 205-212 (skim math); 219-225
  • Chi-square test of independence, FMF Ch. 18, pp. 815-816(top)
  • Bivariate regression: FMF, Ch. 7, pp. 245-253, 256-260


No Homework Due for Oct 11

Worksheet: Correlation and Regression
For exam practice, be able to do problems 1, 2, 3, and 4(a)

For regression exam practice: Know how to interpret the meaning of coefficients in regression; conduct hypothesis tests on the regression coefficients.

Module 3: Visualizing Means

Class Notes

R tutorials:


R for Data Science
by Hadley Wickham and
Garrett Grolemund
Chapter 3


Module 2: Univariate and Bivariate Statistics

Module 1: Introduction to Statistics


  • Intro to statistics:
    FMF Ch 2 - All of it, but skim the math
  • R environment: FMF Ch 3, pp. 62-83


R Resources

Installing R

  • Rstudio is a great Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This is the graphical user interface that you use to interact with R, which is actually a separate software package than the R computing package.
  • R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. You can learn more about it and when you are ready, download R to install to your Windows, Linux, or Mac computer.

Online Tutorial