Centennial Hall - University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, La Crosse, WI

Teaching Philosophy

I have a passion for my students' learning and enthusiasm for making continual improvements. I take a careful and scholarly approach to my design of curriculum and pedagogy. I approach curriculum development through a backward design, which means before I decide what I want students to do in my class, I first decide what abilities I want my students to have after my semester with them. I use these goals to set explicit and measurable learning objectives, tied to course content, and framed in terms of explicit student actions that describe capabilities I want my students to have. Then I design lectures, classroom activities, assignments, and projects around these learning objectives. I take a scholarly approach to teaching by collecting and using evidence of student learning to make continual improvements in my practice. I employ several methods for collecting evidence including assessment, peer instructor evaluation, and lesson studies. My teaching portfolio includes documentation covering several years for all of these types of activities.

While it might not be common for other people, I find applying concepts in economics, statistics, and research methods exciting. I try to share that enthusiasm with my students. I have a lively and animated presence in the classroom that derives from a genuine excitement helping students learn. When I take a backward design and scholarly approach to teaching, I am able to focus my efforts and strategies to make continual improvements in my practice.