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Your Friendly Macroeconomics Professor

ECO 305: Intermediate Macroeconomics

Fall 2011

James Murray, Ph.D.
Office: 403W Wimberly Hall
Office hours: 9:00am-11:00am; Monday, Wednesday; 8:00am-9:00am Tuesday, Thursday.

Homework / In-Class Exercises / Final Exam

Homework #1, Due Tuesday, September 13. End of Chapter 3 problems 2-6.
Homework #2, Answers Explained, Due in-class on Thursday, September 29.
Homework #3, Due in-class on Tuesday, October 11. End of Chapter 5 problems 2,3,5.
Homework #4, Due Tuesday, November 1. Economic Growth.
Online Work for Tuesday, November 22
In-Class Exercise, Tuesday, November 15: Dynamic General Equilibrium Model
Take Home Final Exam due on Monday, December 19, by 5:00pm in person to Prof. James Murray.


Tuesday, September 6: Measuring Business Cycles
Slides, Printer Friendly