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ECO 305: Intermediate Macroeconomics

Spring 2016

Course Information

James Murray, Ph.D.
Office: 403T Wimberly Hall
Phone: 608-406-4068

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Office Hours Appointments generally available at the following times:
    8:30 AM - 1:00 PM Monday
    8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Tuesday / Thursday
    8:30 AM - 11:00 AM Wednesday / Friday
    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Friday
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Study Advice

Practice Exams

Practice Exam 1
Practice Exam 2
End of Semester Review

Unit 7: Dynamic General Equilibrium Model with Sticky Wages

Reading: Williamson, Chapter 14
In-class Exercise

Unit 6: Dynamic General Equilibrium Real Business Cycle Model

Reading: Williamson, Chapter 11, pages 375-380, 382-391, 396-408
In-class Exercise
Pencasts on Dynamic General Equilibrium Model

Unit 5: Two Period Model of Consumption and Saving

Reading: Williamson, Chapter 9, pages 292-316, 319-322, 329-331, 333-336.
In-class Exercise

Unit 4: Economic Growth: Malthusian and Solow Growth Models

Reading: Williamson, Chapter 7.
Presentation slides: Slides, Printer Friendly Version
Pencasts on Malthusian and Solow Growth Models

Unit 3: Optimal One-period General Equilibrium Model

Reading: Williamson, Chapter 5, pages 137-147.
In-class exercise (Thursday Feb 25): One period General Equilibrium Model

Unit 2: Optimal Consumer and Producer Behavior


  • Consumer Behavior: Williamson, Chapter 4, pages 96-116.
  • Producer Behavior: Williamson, Chapter 4, pages 116-131.
In-class exercise (Thursday Feb 18): Optimal Consumption and Leisure Choices
Pencasts on the Consumption / Leisure Model
Pencasts on the Production and Labor Market Equilibrium

Unit 1: Measuring Macroeconomic Variables and the Business Cycle

Reading: Williamson, Chapter 3.
In-class exercise (Tuesday Jan 26): Measuring Macroeconomic Variables
Pencasts on Measuring GDP, Inflation, and Unemployment

Presentation slides: Slides, Printer Friendly Version
Homework Assignment due on Thursday, February 4, 12:40pm to the appropriate D2L dropbox folder.