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Your Friendly Business Research Methods Professor

BUS 230: Business and Economics Research and Communication

Fall 2011

James Murray, Ph.D.
Office: 403W Wimberly Hall
Office hours: 9:00am-11:00am; Monday, Wednesday; 8:00am-9:00am Tuesday, Thursday.

How to Study Effectively:
Slides from class
Videos on How to Study Effectively from Dr. Stephen Chew a Cognitive Psychologist at Samford University

Group Project Assignments:
Writing Tips
Group Assignments, i.e. who is in your group.
Contract Assignment due on Tuesday, September 13.
Minutes Assignment due every Tuesday beginning Sept 20.

In-class Exercises:
Tuesday, September 13: Exploring Research Project Ideas
Tuesday, September 27: Survey Approaches
Tuesday, September 27: Biases in questionnaires. Login to D2L Course to do and turn exercise.
Tuesday, October 25: Tips for critiquing questionnaires
Tuesday, October 25: Using Qualtrics Panels to Distribute Surveys
Tuesday, December 6: Data Visualization


Week 2, September 12: Business Research Process (Chapter 4, pages 51-69).
Slides, Printer Friendly.

Week 3, September 19: Research Problem (Chapter 6, pages 119-127).
Slides, Printer Friendly.

Week 3, September 19: Ethics in Research (Chapter 5, pages 88-103).
Slides, Printer Friendly.

Week 3, September 20: Writing Introductions / Literature Reviews.
Slides, Printer Friendly.

Week 4, September 26: Overview of Survey Research
(Chapter 9, pages 185-196; Chapter 13, pages 296-303)
Slides, Printer Friendly.

Week 5, October 3: Questionnaire Design (Chapter 15, pages 335-351)
Slides, Printer Friendly.

Week 6, October 10: Sampling Design (Chapter 16, pages 386-402)
Slides, Printer Friendly.

Week 9, October 31: Univariate and Bivariate Statistics
Introduction to Statistics and Hypothesis Tests: Slides, Printer Friendly.
Univariate and Bivariate Hypothesis Tests: Slides, Printer Friendly, SPSS Handout
Datasets: econoutlook.sav, eduspending.sav, gradeschool.sav.

Week 10, November 7: Measuring Relationships Among Variable
Hypothesis Tests: Slides, Printer Friendly, SPSS Handout.
Datasets: hotel.sav, publicexp.sav

Week 13, December 5: Data Visualization
Slides, Printer Friendly

Week 13, December 5: PowerPoint Presentations
Death by PowerPoint, by Alexei Kapterev, Offshore Presentation Design and Consulting.